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Our Story


SW is a family owned company, we are not a corporation. We are dedicated to our mission of bringing the best of Asian art to the world. This is our homage to the East.

We employ artisans in our workshop and ensure that each piece is made with ultimate attention to detail and sophistication. Each piece has a story that is summarised on the product pages along with an estimate of the number of hours it took to make it. 


We want to give our cutomers a unique experience shopping on our website of artisanship at affordable prices.



The Indian Ocean, in particular, has a rich handcrafting tradition that goes back to one of the earliest and most influential dynasties. The stonemasons and brass sculptors have been passing on this family tradition since the time of the Chola Dynasty (3rd Century BC), which was also instrumental for the spread of Hinduism to South East Asia.

Each piece is handmade and curated with the same level of intensity.


Our statues and sculptures have their roots in Hinduism, Shaivism, Buddhism, Hindu mythology and Modern Asian art. 

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